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"Personal growth isn't personal, it's collective!" - Kayla Bree

Hi, I'm Kayla Bree - a psychic intuitive + medium, shadow work facilitator, and That Paranormal Chick on TikTok. I'm known for my knowledge and experience with the paranormal as I cannot only read energy and see spirits but also channel them. Throughout my life, these experiences taught me a thing or two about how energy works, how consciousness works, what it really means to be human, and what it takes to evolve on an individual, collective, and cosmic scale. 

I created Rewired Society for the people who want to see the world for what it really is, the people who want a no-BS approach to their personal & spiritual development. It's an effective method to dive into every nook and cranny that is YOU. The work around here is a combination of bodywork, psychic work, mediumship, generational trauma release, emotion code, energy healing & subconscious reprogramming all from a paranormal perspective so you can finally see just how multi-dimensional you really are. Because it's time we create a society of evolved humans who not only have the potential to change their own lives but impact the world around them!

think differently, live consciously

Follow me on TikTok where I'm dropping paranormal knowledge and life lessons I've learned from spirits.



The Self-Evolution Project is a series of personal & spiritual development courses so you can evolve in your own time. 

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Want a one-on-one shadow work session with me? Click here to see the type of reading I offer.



We Create. We Vibe. We Manifest. We Evolve.

We're Redefining What's Possible & What it Means To Be Human




We're a generation of conscious individuals, free-spirits & thinkers, and social disruptors who are no longer settling for a society or life we've outgrown, and we're standing up for change. WHY? Because we know how we are individually and collectively creating the world we live in, and we actually give a damn about ourselves, the environment and the future of humanity. And we're doing our part by changing our habits, pushing our limits and creating a conscious lifestyle that puts personal & spiritual growth at the forefront of our human evolution!


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