"The world needs YOU and what ONLY you can bring to humanity" - Kayla Bree

Rewired Society is a new-to-the-scene personal, spiritual & social change platform for individuals who are ready to drop into their bodies, expand their minds, collaborate for Mother Earth and be an active part of humanity's uprising.

It's for people who are feeling the call to get back to their spiritual roots, embody their deepest truths, overcome their limiting conditionings, and show up as their most authentic self to make a massive impact in the world.


Because it's time we bring a new vision of evolution to our society by proving that personal growth isn't personal - it's collective. Kayla, the creator behind Rewired Society, has made it her mission to bare all when it comes to her journey of being open about her paranormal and out-of-this-world encounters and what they taught her about the role we play in the universe and what it really means to be human.

She has a message for us to think differently, live consciously and own EVERY part of who you are and what you stand for which she brings alive with a very down-to-earth approach in all her courses, private energy work and speaking gigs. 


That Paranormal Chick is a blend of modern-day spirituality, Kayla's paranormal stories, and content to elevate your existence and amplify your consciousness.


If you're looking to expand your consciousness and change yourself at the subconscious level, check out Rewired Society's personal & spiritual development courses. 

Apply to work one-on-one in a 90-day intuitive channeling container with Kayla to experience deep, multi-dimensional, lasting transformation on all fronts.


Image by Chris Barbalis
Image by Chris Barbalis

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